Mine-to-process optimization of Polyus gold operations

Increased gold production and revenue at remote Polyus sites

Polyus PJSC | Russia | 2016-2020

Increased revenues of over US$30M per year

Integrated optimization strategies for all Polyus sites

Throughput increases of over 10%-16%

Record gold production levels in 2019


  • Located in Siberia and the far east regions of Russia, Polyus operations are remote and experience climatic extremes, reaching temperatures lower than -30 degrees Celsius.
  • The aim was to increase gold production while minimizing costs per tonne of concentrate to improve overall profitability from mine-to-plant for Polyus operations: Blagodatnoye, Olympiada, Verninskoye, and Natalka.
  • Conditions and ore types are different at each of the operations, so a rigorous approach to mine-to-process optimization was used to identify integrated strategies from mine-to-plant, tailored for each operation.


  • Our team worked closely with Polyus to increase production and improve efficiency across all the company’s operations.
  • Extensive ore characterization, including SMC testing, auditing, surveys, data analysis, benchmarking, mathematical modeling, simulations, Morrell power-based calculations, operating experience, and a cost/benefit analysis were used to identify opportunities to increase production (throughput and recovery) while minimizing costs and energy consumption per tonne of concentrate to improve the profitability of each of the Polyus operations from mine-to-plant.
  • Solutions were presented as straight-forward recommendations that are practical to implement on-site.
  • The implementation has already resulted in throughput increases of over 10%-16% at all sites, and more are expected.


  • At the Verninskoye mine alone, the optimization project helped Polyus reach record gold production levels of 2.84 million ounces in 2019, which translated into a staggering increase in annual gold revenues of over US$30M.
  • Polyus CEO Pavel Grachev noted that the company continued to examine new brownfield opportunities within its existing operations and stated that at least one initiative that had been approved “will add approximately 40 000 oz of incremental volumes in 2021.” This will result in a further increase in revenue of US$60M at current gold prices.

“The work done by Walter Valery and the group of Hatch specialists contributed unparalleled expertise to our project and helped us achieve significant improvements across our operations. With their extensive knowledge of operations, Hatch specialists easily translate their deep scientific and research knowledge and technical solutions into straight forward recommendations that can be implemented in our operations.”

Alexander Tokarenko | Chief Operations Officer, Polyus PJSC
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