Fenix Electric Furnace

Highest hearth-power density for a 3-electrode, circular ferronickel smelter

Solway Industries Ltd. | Guatemala | 2011–2014


circular FeNi furnace power density in the industry

$30 M

of furnace components delivered 8 weeks early

Permits dual-mode electrode operation


  • Design a 90 MW, 18-metre-diameter, 3-electrode ferronickel furnace in the same footprint as a previous 45 MW design.
  • The electrode is required to operate in both immersed and shielded-arc modes to support a phased project approach.
  • Supply furnace components, including steel, refractory, copper coolers, low-voltage bus, and electrode seals to meet Solway’s very aggressive project schedule. 


  • The furnace crucible design incorporated a novel binding system and enhanced sidewall cooling to maximize campaign life.
  • An integrated engineering and procurement team allowed the quick placement of equipment orders and resolution of quality and scheduling issues during fabrication.
  • Involvement and support from Hatch’s integrated team started from the initial design concept and continued until the first metal tap.
  • We continue to actively support furnace operations to help Solway achieve the furnace’s nameplate capacity. 


  • At nameplate capacity, the furnace will operate at the highest hearth-power density for a 3-electrode, circular-ferronickel furnace in the industry, while maintaining the same level of safety, performance, and campaign life as existing operations with lower power densities.
  • Early delivery of furnace equipment added flexibility to Solway's construction schedule.
  • On-site assistance by Hatch specialists during construction and start-up allowed prompt and immediate resolution to issues, including accommodating several unplanned delays during furnace start-up.

“Considering the positive experience of our companies’ cooperation in two electric furnace projects and good partnership, we are looking forward to further fruitful cooperation.”

Dmitry Kudryakov | Industrial Assets Department Director, Solway Industries Ltd.

“We have seen time and time again that Hatch-designed-and-supplied equipment operates properly at our plant without failure. With Hatch you get what you pay.”

Sergei Nosachev | General Director, Pronico S.A.

Project numbers

C$30 million-plus in equipment supply and engineering services
90 MW, 18 metre, 3-electrode FeNi furnace 

Services & technologies provided





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