Carbon Monoxide Gas Handling Systems for Calcium Carbide Furnaces

Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd (QSLIC) | China | 2010–2013


calcium carbide plant in the world

3 patented

Hatch technologies implemented

200,000 tons

per year of calcium carbide production

30 MW

of high-grade energy recovery


  • Conveying, cooling, and cleaning the toxic syngas produced by the QSLIC furnaces risks explosion or fire. Even a minor leak can result in poor workplace hygiene.
  • Safely treat large volumes of gas using a completely "dry" process due to regulations regarding limited water availability and restrictions on secondary pollution.
  • Gas treatment systems had to directly couple to a kiln burner as part of a separate downstream process.
  • Balancing the furnace gas supply with user demand gave rise to unique control requirements.


  • Entire process and plant design developed, from feasibility to basic and detailed engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and start-up assistance.
  • Created a combustible gas-treatment process that addresses the smelter's associated health and safety issues. The installation was the most comprehensive solution available, delivering the safest operation with both passive and active monitoring systems.
  • Three patented technologies incorporated: inherently safe 100% positive pressure gas handling; sealing technology for high-temperature ductwork flanges; and a dust-wash system that reduces toxic emissions.
  • Many "clean plant design" principles incorporated to meet strict requirements for workplace hygiene.


  • Met the most stringent global environmental emission limits for air, water, and solids; the best dry gas treatments in the Far East combined with the highest Western standards for reliability and safety.
  • The high quality of dry gas produced is more compatible with virtually all end users, resulting in better energy recovery than conventional wet cleaning systems.
  • The suite of features and equipment is fully scalable and can be tailored to specific requirements of other smelting applications based on requirements.
  • Each feature can be considered an individual module, within which a customized system may be assembled.

Project numbers

5 x 100 MW smelting furnaces dry gas treatment
150 MW total exhaust energy recovery

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