90 MW Calcium Carbide Furnaces

Fully integrated manufacturing complex with world’s largest CaC2 furnaces

QSLIC (Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Corporation), and Haina (Qinghai Salt Lake Haina Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.) | China | 2010-2017


largest calcium carbide furnaces

950,000 t/a

calcium carbide smelter with four 90 MW Hatch furnaces

200,000 t/a

calcium carbide smelter with one 90 MW Hatch furnace

3 Hatch

patented technologies


  • Main challenges are the scale-up of the smelting furnace, development of a safe, dry, gas-cleaning system to recover carbon monoxide gas, and mechanical handling and automation of calcium carbide from taphole to crusher
  • As part of the Chinese government’s regional development plans, QSLIC is building a fully integrated manufacturing complex. Among the eight plants in the integrated production train is a 950,000 t/a calcium carbide smelter, including four 90 MW Hatch furnaces.
  • Additionally, near Xining, QSLIC’s Haina subsidiary has developed an integrated facility for the production of cement and PVC with intermediate calcium-carbide production, including one 90 MW Hatch furnace.


  • Deliver key technology components, including 90 MW calcium carbide furnaces, dry carbon monoxide off-gas systems, and automated mechanical handling systems for the molten calcium carbide product.
  • Provide services, including basic design of the smelter plant, detailed design of the furnaces, gas cleaning, calcium carbide handling systems, and associated control systems, procurement, site construction, and commissioning support.


  • Innovations in the project include the world’s largest calcium carbide furnaces, with double the capacity of existing international precedents, an automated mechanical-handling system for calcium carbide, advanced control and safety systems, and three Hatch-patented technologies incorporated in the dry CO off-gas system.
  • The dry carbon monoxide gas-cleaning system fully recovers furnace gas as a reusable fuel source for other processes. The system incorporates safety features, such as nitrogen purging and a 100%-positive-pressure flow sheet to minimize the risk of air ingress and the potential for explosive atmospheres in the process.

Project numbers

90 MW calcium carbide furnaces, largest in the world
2,000°C molten calcium carbide handling system
100% positive-pressure dry gas cleaning flow sheet

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