Fleet Improvement Program

Mobile Asset Management Transformation

Australia | 2018-2019

$8.9M in sustained savings per year

3,500 specialized mobile assets

Improved safety and operational performance

Compliance with ISO 55000


  • Recurring safety incidents and service delivery shortcomings.
  • Lack of basic asset management was identified as the root cause.
  • Servicing in remote locations and in varied conditions.


  • Hatch developed and executed a roadmap for establishing the mobile asset management function.
  • The transformation program delivers a mobile asset management function that will lead the industry in practice and performance.


  • Fleet of more than 3,500 specialized mobile assets.
  • Increased asset availability and utilization.
  • Integrated team of Hatch and client resources working closely together according to a unified work plan managed by Hatch.
  • Hatch scope expanded to include design and implementation of an In-Vehicle Management System.
  • Increased maintenance quality and responsiveness to act in a dynamic and complex environment.

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