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Select the best infrastructure investments

Suitable for mixed-used rail corridors

Patent-pending and award-winning technology

Scheduling is challenging

With its spatial and temporal characteristics and logistics, train scheduling can be challenging.

Today's commercial rail-simulation software has significant limitations, with problem-specific rules and heuristics. Creating conflict-free solutions, even when they're used by rail experts, is difficult.

The problem is exacerbated by multiple types of rail-network configurations (linear, branching), different train sizes and priorities, multiple rail-line capacities, and different siding sizes and locations. They are simply not well-suited to independently resolve train-crossing problems.

Determine the optimal train schedule for any configuration

Hatch Rail Optimizer is a novel, planning and scheduling tool for solving complex rail systems issues that existing commercial software can't.

This optimization-based decision-support system uses state-of-the-art optimization techniques.

Models are based on mixed-integer-linear-optimization technology (MILP) for planning and scheduling rail operations. It leverages advanced value-chain optimization technology from process industries to unlock the value of your rail infrastructure.

Solving the complex train-scheduling issues that commercial tools can't

Freight and passenger planning both improve, whether they’re operating together or separately. The Hatch Rail Optimizer:

  • Generates optimal plans and train schedules for any type of rail network
  • Recovers quickly and seamlessly from unforeseen events
  • Assesses the true system capacity
  • Easily manages track maintenance
  • Offers a user-configurable model
  • Enables optimal, evidence-based decisions regarding infrastructure investments.

In addition to optimizing the detailed rail operations, the modeling framework allows for seamless expansion into adjacent areas of your value chain, such as processing operations, yards, and terminals.

Chris Floudas Award

The Hatch Rail Optimizer was the proud recipient of the 2017 Chris Floudas Award at the 2017 Foundations of Computer Aided Process Operations Conference (FOCAPO-CPC Conference) in Tuscon, Arizona, USA.

It was selected as the most innovative contribution to the conference from academic papers for the most innovative application of process systems technology to a different domain. Originating universities included Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Imperial College, etc.


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