The operational landscape has changed. There’s a slowdown in China, an oversupply in commodities, and global economic uncertainty. New fronts, like the push for cleaner, sustainable resources and the emergence of digital technologies, are causing the world in which you operate to evolve in vastly different ways.

To be competitive, you need your operation to fire on all cylinders. The safety of people must always be your first priority. Then, production needs to start up safely, reliably—and rapidly. You need quick wins to reduce costs, with less variability and better control. You need to reduce unplanned breakdowns by predicting when your assets will need help, grounded with data and analysis. You need to do more with less … less capital and less workers. You need to set priorities carefully, making the most of the limited funds you have available.


Operational readiness

Whether you’re building a new facility or making improvements to an existing one, you want to know your operation will reach nameplate capacity as planned. We’ll help train your workforce, enable your systems, make sure you have the right critical spares, and that your permits are in place. Your operational readiness plan will be synchronized with the project schedule and risk-mitigation measures will be put in place to support fast ramp-up. Your project data will be translated for operations and we’ll ensure everything happens at the right time, from planning through to execution, with commissioning and ramp-up as expected or faster.

Performance enhancement

You need to achieve full potential in your operations. You need to reduce costs and achieve step-changes in productivity. We help you find ways to improve asset utilization and lower operating costs through better maintenance, operating practices, and debottlenecking. We have the teams and processes to deliver sustainable results, combining industry data, equipment experience, and analytical capabilities. Our performance-enhancement work averages a three-month-or-better payback, and we’ve delivered hundreds-of-millions of dollars in operational-improvement savings to our clients.

Asset management

Asset-intensive industries need to balance cost and reliability, and cost and risk. Hatch’s data-driven, decision-making approach provides information to avoid unexpected downtime, reduce safety incidents associated with unplanned activities, and achieve operational targets. One of our key points of difference is the ability to combine the impacts of operations on asset health, allowing us to develop holistic solutions.

Sustaining projects and engineering

Your capital portfolio must be optimized. Cost certainty is key, and the approved project pipeline must always be delivered within the agreed timeframe. You need a partner who doesn't just build and say goodbye. But, rather one who works as an integrated team with your staff, continually looking for opportunities to reduce costs, improve performance, and add value. One who understands portfolio optimization and implementation, bringing quantifiable benefits, not just to your capital portfolio, but also to your operations.


Safety management done right

Kevin Reilly and Sarah Rydgren
At Hatch, we know our clients value safety. A Safety Management System is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We build implementation strategies centered around the culture of each respective client. By examining where a client’s safety maturity is and knowing what an industry-leading SMS looks like, our experts have the expertise to design and execute a detailed implementation plan for how to work together with the client to achieve their vision.
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