Efforts to address climate change are spurring heavy investment in renewable energy all around the world. At the same time, developing nations are searching for new sources of electricity and better ways of managing their freshwater resources to meet the needs of their growing populations.

Advances in technology are also opening a new era of possibilities and opportunities. Small hydro is becoming more cost-effective. Repowering and refurbishing existing facilities is more feasible, and new, large projects are now more tenable.

There are still plenty of waterpower sources available to be harnessed for power generation. The International Energy Agency estimates that about 80% of the world’s technically exploitable hydropower potential has not yet been developed. However, much of the remaining potential is in remote locations and under conditions that are more technologically challenging. 

The time is now. With so much riding on finding new sources of clean, affordable electric power, we must push harder to develop innovative approaches and cost-effective solutions. The world’s future may very well depend on overcoming these challenges and harnessing these resources, however remote the locations.




Greenfield hydroelectric developments

Many factors contribute to making a hydroelectric project successful: financing, selection and design of the best sites, permits, safety standards, and risk management. All these things must be considered, even as you determine the optimal installed capacity and limit operating and capital costs. We work with waterpower developers and operators in both the private and public sectors, providing full engineering design, procurement, and construction management services to minimize project risks and maximize profitability.

Redevelopments and rehabilitation

As hydropower facilities age, owners and operators work to extend their assets' lives, or responsibly and safely decommission them. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience in all types of upgrades and refurbishments. We conduct condition audits, and provide full life-extension and enhancement services. Tools like Grow 3D and proprietary software, such as Hatch's HydroVantage, can help identify risks to minimize and capital expenditures to prioritize.

Repowering and equipment upgrades

Risks and costs must always be weighed against the benefits of upgrading or replacing capital equipment. We've pioneered tools and techniques to measure the efficiency of turbines so you can determine the best plan for your operation.

Dam and public safety studies

You need up-to-date safety information and tools to develop dam safety guidelines and procedures. The Hatch brand is synonymous with dam safety. In Canada alone, we've conducted over 300 dam-safety assessments and been instrumental in establishing industry best practices. We keep abreast of evolving dam safety regulations and engineering approaches, tools, and solutions.

Operational support studies

Operating a water power facility at optimum capacity is a delicate balance. We work alongside owners and operators, managing safety, equipment reliability, and output. Our Vista decision support software helps you derive the most value from your generating assets with superior forecasting, planning, scheduling, and dispatching.

Regulatory support, permitting, and approvals

We go where our clients are, and where we're needed. That's all over the world. We're familiar with a host of different regulatory requirements and can help you navigate the often-difficult laws, regulations, and permitting processes in almost any jurisdiction.


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