The evolution of identifying construction materials sources

Author(s) J. Mann, P. Pantel, J.F. Wilson, R. Halim


Large mega projects in remote locations with harsh climatic conditions can prove to have significant challenges throughout their life cycle, such as sourcing construction materials economically. In the following case study, investigations of potential sources of borrow material in the vicinity of a hydroelectric development project site were undertaken as part of several investigation programs spanning over a 25-year period. Confirmatory investigations continued after construction started in mid-2014 just prior to borrow pit development. This paper reviews the historic process of finding potential sources for borrow material and the evolution of the process by using modern and innovative techniques. The key to successful delivery was to adopt digital geotechnics which included the consolidation and maintenance of the various investigations information into a single geospatial database. The database is then incorporated into a three-dimensional model and applications to aid analysis, design and construction.