Ecomaister Hatch Technology Reliable Commercial Scale Slag Valorisation Option for Metal Producers

Author(s): L. So, S. Faucher, S. Mostaghel, V. Hernandez, S.-Y. Oh
6th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing: Fundamental Research of Metallurgical Processes III, March 15–17, 2015, Orlando, Florida, USA


Slag valorisation is receiving increasingly attention as a method for sustainable pyrometallurgical operation. The main targets of slag valorisation technologies have been generation of high-value slag by-products and heat recovery from molten material. However, due to a number of challenges, including scalability, cost, low heat recovery efficiencies, and difficulties in heat utilization, most of these technologies have never been commercialized.

Ecomaister-Hatch has recently developed and commercialized a reliable dry slag atomization technology, which produces glassy slag granules with physico-mechanical characteristics suitable for various high-value applications. Simultaneously, heat recovery from the molten material can efficiently be carried out. This technology is currently implemented in many ferrous and non-ferrous pyrometallurgical plants, treating more than 7.2 Mt slag per year. A technical analysis and comparison of the dry slag granulation technology with some of the commonly used slag handling methods will be presented. Industrial data from existing operations will also be provided.