Big projects: upping value

Michael Sutherland | April 25, 2017
Typically, governments are the initiators in public-private partnerships, both greenfield and brownfield. Their objective is to improve the lives of their citizens…and deliver infrastructure projects on time and on budget.
Chet Shah

Thoughts on the Canadian Infrastructure Bank

Chet Shah | April 12, 2017
With its new infrastructure bank, the Government of Canada seems intent on doing public-private-partnership deals very differently. There are three reasons why this approach will make it harder to develop and deliver big projects.
Richard MacRosty

Advanced analytics: industry’s next great thing

Richard MacRosty | March 24, 2017
Only now, well into the 21st century, is heavy industry beginning to harvest data electronically and leverage its information potential. It may take time and hard work to get the most value from advanced analytics, but the benefits will make the journey worth the effort.
David Mutombo

The high cost of water

David Mutombo | March 7, 2017
It's the essence of life as we know it. But there’s a considerable cost to water, especially to not managing it as effectively as we can and should. In fact, we can’t afford to waste a drop.

What it takes to win

Joe Lombard | January 25, 2017
Much as we appreciate the award recognition, outstanding project management is really just the way we do things at Hatch. We start with the basics. Safety. Communication. Cost and schedule. And most of all, client satisfaction.