Hatch hosts second annual Working Together Safely Forum

April 26, 2019

Amanda Lindhout presenting at the Working Together Safely ForumToronto, Canada—Hatch hosted its second annual Working Together Safely Forum yesterday, in advance of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28. The forum brought together clients, partners, contractors, industry experts, and suppliers to share ideas around the forum’s two main focus areas: employee mental health and wellness, and front-line safety tools and technology.

Health and safety is a core value at Hatch, and a key part of the company’s Manifesto. Last year, Hatch began the Working Together Safely Forum as a way to share experiences within our industries with our clients and partners so that we can make our work environments safer while pursue excellence and advancement, together.

The forum’s keynote speaker was Amanda Lindhout, the New York Times bestselling author, and expert on resilience, survival, and an optimal mindset, who was kidnapped and held captive for 460 days by a group of criminals while working as a freelance journalist in Somalia. She spoke about crisis, despair, and the voice of hope and optimism.

The forum’s other sessions covered health risks of business travel (physiological, psychological, and emotional), employers’ duty of care for employees, a client’s strategic program implemented to deal with specific mental health issues and, in a time when many large projects are found in increasingly remote locations, how to support employees health and wellness while residing in project camp environments.

The second half of the forum focused on emerging tools and technologies, and how they are impacting and changing worker safety. Automation, big data, machine learning, and augmented reality are transforming workplaces into safer environments, through the use of more predictive tools and allowing for better planning. Sharing our experiences and working together as industry leaders is a powerful way of accelerating advancements in workplace safety.

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Working Together Safely Forum 2019