RSSI 61st Annual C&S Exhibition

May 16 - 18, 2022
Kansas City Convention Center
Kansas City, Missouri, UnitedStates

Join our subject matter experts at booth #1336 from May 16 to 18 at Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc.'s 61st Annual RSSI C&S Exhibition - the premier show in the rail and rail transit, communication and signal industry.

The 2022 RSSI C&S Exhibition will be an RSSI only event focusing on bringing C&S suppliers together with their rail and transit customers.

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Rail, Transit and Rail Systems

As the Railway Industry enters a renaissance of complex Infrastructure improvements, embracing new technologies, green movements, and ethical sourcing, we as Rail Industry Professionals must implement methods, processes, and innovative solutions to effectively manage the complexity and challenges presented by project environments, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders. Effective use of Rail Systems Engineering provides adaptable, timely solutions that optimizes cost-effectiveness throughout the entire project lifecycle. 

Rail & Transit

Hatch Rail Systems

Freight & Rail - USA

Emerging issues such as climate change, new power generation, and net-zero carbon emissions are driving the development of the most efficient, sustainable, and robust solutions. Hatch provides innovative engineering solutions for Passenger and Freight Rail Operators worldwide with unprecedented success. Join us in our venture to create positive change today that will inspire tomorrow’s innovation.