COM 2020 Virtual Conference

The 59th Conference of Metallurgists (COM) + Uranium 2020

October 14-15, 2020

Hatch is a proud sponsor and presenter at COM + Uranium 2020, being held virtually on October 14 and 15.

Hosted by MetSoc, the theme of this year’s conference is Emerging Technologies in Materials and Metallurgical Industries. Fully digital for the first time, the conference provides an international platform for industry and academia to share their knowledge and experience in the relevant topics, as well as an opportunity for networking and establishing new collaborations. Research presentations from COM 2020 and U2020 authors will be available live and on-demand to registered attendees.

Several of Hatch’s mining, metallurgical, and technology experts will be involved in the conference, including Matthew Cramer, Global Director, Advisory, who is a member of the organizing committee for the Rodney Jones Honorary Symposium on Chromite Processing. The symposium aims to bring together researchers to review new developments on chromite and ferrochrome processing covering mineral processing, metallurgy, and environmental aspects both at the lab and plant scales.

Stephen Beckermann, Director of Technology Commercialization, will also be participating in the live panel discussion, "Current innovation ecosystem in Canada and projects into the future" on October 14. The panel will discuss the innovation ecosystem from economic and technical perspectives and topics related to the value created by R and D in metallurgy and mining. Click here for more information!

Visit our virtual booth in the virtual exhibition hall and check out the e-posters presented by Carmen Bracho and Henry Von Schroeter!

Our on-demand presentations include the following technical papers:

  • “Catastrophic Risk Management of Tailings Storage Facilities” – Carmen Bracho, Johan DuToit (presenters), Winnie Chan, Daniel Molina, Aravind Raman, Rafael Davila, and Dan McEvoy
  • “Critical Materials Recovery from Base Metals Operations” – Jacqueline Fossenier (presenter) and Jack Shannon
  • “Low Emission Technology Developments in the Iron and Steel Industry” – Alisha Giglio (presenter) Janice Bolen
  • Poster “Open-slag Bath Operation: The Future of Ferrochrome Smelting?” – Isabelle Nolet (presenter), Michael McCaffrey and Frans Hannemann
  • “Recent Advancements in Refractory Management Technology for Furnace Campaign Life Extension” – Afshin Sadri (presenter), Winnie Ying, Blair Climenhaga, Joshua Barnard, and Maria Tibbo
  • "The Effect of Aging on Refractory Thickness Calculations for Process Vessels and Furnaces" – Blair Climenhaga (presenter), Mitchell Henstock and Winnie Ying
  • "90 MW 3 Electrode Furnace with an Electrically Islanded Power Plant Utilizing SPLC, SVC for Electrical Efficiency and Stable Operation in Shielded Arc and Immersed Arc Modes" –Yan Elksnis, Denis Shevchenko, Solway (presenters), Dong Shen
  • "Deep-sea Nodules: Lower Impact Processing to Enable the Green Transition" – Henry Vo Schroeter (presenter) Jeff Donald, Deep Green Metals, Alexander Sutherland
  • "Lithium-ion Battery Technology Application for Renewable Power Integration at Off-grid Mine" – Mark Mitchell (presenter)
  • "A Semi-quantitative Catastrophic Risk Likelihood Prioritization Framework for the Metallurgical Industry" – Stefan Hlouschko , Martin Pergler, Balanced Risk Strategies Ltd. (live presenters)
  • "Ferrochrome Production from Ontario’s Ring of Fire Chromite" – Michael McCaffrey (presenter) Noront and Matthew Cramer
  • "Campaign Life Monitoring at the Fonderie Horne Reactor by the Acousto Ultrasonic-Echo Technique" - Blair Climenhaga (presenter), Afshin Sadri, Mitchell Henstock, Mehdi Elldrissi, Fonderie Horne and Pierre-Louis Michaud, Fonderie Horne
  • "Model Predictive Control-A Digital Transformation Initiative at Long Harbour" - Kevin Brooks (presenter), Michael Roy, Ryan Peterson, Trevor Batstone, Lindani Ntombela, and Paul Yanchus

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