Energy and Mines World Congress

Switching to renewables: Energy leader leads discussion on reducing diesel and carbon emissions

November 21–22, 2016
Richmond Street Hilton
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Michel Carreau, our director of energy, is facilitating an upcoming discussion on an international stage at the Energy and Mines World Congress held in Toronto.

Michel has deployed industry-leading energy strategies to help our clients transition to renewables, and done it in some of the world's most challenging remote locations, like Canada's north. His work focuses on reducing the reliance mines have on diesel fuel, while providing them with stable energy and smart-storage solutions as they work to meet climate change goals.

You'll hear from energy owners and government officials participating on Michel's panel. The topic is titled “Reducing diesel and carbon emissions for remote Canadian mines,” and will take place at 4:20 p.m. on November 21, 2016.

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