HydroVision 2016

Harnessing the 80%

July 26–29, 2016
Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota, UnitedStates
With increasing investment in renewables, and about 80% of the world’s technically exploitable waterpower potential undeveloped, hydro has an expansive and optimistic future ahead in helping remediate climate change and in bringing stable energy to the world.  At HydroVision this year, we’re ready to talk about harnessing this hydro potential, today.

Hatch is a global leader in waterpower safety and technology, bringing the best construction expertise to complex sites like in urban centers, on the London Street Expansion and the Chaudière Falls Redevelopment project. Our expertise also translates to remote sites, such as at Lower Mattagami and Forrest Kerr, where most of the world’s untapped potential sites.

As part of the technical program at HydroVision we have three of our hydro experts participating as panelists in the Civil Works and Dam Safety track, with Rick Donnelly, our Principal Consultant for Waterpower, as track chair. Rick is a world-renowned expert, carrying out more than 300 dam safety and due diligence assessments around the world for individual dams and entire hydroelectric facilities in his 37 years’ experience.

Make a hydro connection with our experts at booth 518, or attend their panel discussions:

Thursday, July 28: 

  • 8:30 am–10 am, Session 3B: Jerry Westermann on “Penstocks and water conveyances: the forgotten danger” in  room 208A 
  • 11:00 am–12:30 pm, Session 4B: David Judge on “Tools and technologies for dam safety: what’s new and what works” in room 208A 
Friday, July 29:
  • 8:30 am–10 am, Session 6B: David Judge on “Extreme and unusual events: ice dams, earthquakes and downpours, oh my” in room 208A
  • 8:30 am–10 am, Technical Papers track, Session 6I: Bonneville Power Administration presents on the “Role of advanced power system modeling in strategic studies at BPA” co-authored by Hatch’s Francois Welt, and featuring  VistaDSS™ software
  • 10:30 am–12 pm, Session 7B: Sean Hinchberger  moderates” Case studies and conversations: failures and near failures”  in room 208B 
Poster presentation:

  • Carl Mannheim on “Trunnion friction measurements by radial arm deflection at upriver dam spillway”
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